The New Immortal Twilight Fragrance Wants You To Smell Just Like Bella Smells To Edward

Immortal Twilight Eau de Parfum

Having read the books (maybe a few times) and seen the movies (more than a few times), many of us are already aware of how intoxicating Bella Swan smells to Edward Cullen in Twilight. Her scent first made him want to kill her and later made him confess that he was drawn to her like heroin, so Essence d'Bella must be pretty powerful. We've always tried to imagine what it might smell like … Base notes of sunshine, cactus flower, and salad greens, top notes of pine needles, moonflower, and apple blossom? Apparently, none of the above. Thanks to the mix masters over at Twilight Beauty, we now have somewhat of an idea with their new fragrance, Immortal Twilight. Would you have guessed Bella smells of citrus and WILD chamomile??

Cultivated with eternal life, forever love, and otherworldliness in mind, Immortal Twilight endeavors to mimic how irresistible Bella smells to Edward. Since he's crazy drawn to her from the get-go, we imagine the scent to be strong when you first spritz it on. Then, perhaps, it fades into something more delicate that lingers on your skin and never totally fades away (which would be really nice and everlasting). The perfume is a mix of the aforementioned citrus and wild chamomile (a nod to her mother in Florida and the wildflowers in Edward's meadow?) that descend into a swirl of white freesia and peonies (more meadow-ness perhaps?), and then levels out into the "mysterious femininity" of amber, patchouli, and musk (all three are earthy and strong, which makes total sense). It sounds pretty intoxicating to us and something we want to smell RIGHT NOW and then maybe every five minutes throughout the day like you do with a perfect perfume.

We're digging the purple bottle (props to Bella's bedroom!!) and its faceted amethyst honeycomb façade with a lightly etched feather upon it. OK, HOLD UP. Feaaaaather? When we think of feathers, we think of a feather bed, which has us remembering that upcoming scene in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 that will undoubtedly contain flying feathers. Could Immortal Twilight also carry a hint of Bella and Edward's HONEYMOON in its fragrance profile?

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