Demi Lovato Shocks In Heavy Eyeliner And Pale Lips For 'The Beauty Book'

A still from the behind-the-scenes video of Demi Lovato's shoot for "The Beauty Book."
Photo: Courtesy of TheMooeyRae's YouTube channel

Demi Lovato is one of a laundry list of celebs featured in Australian photographer Darren Tieste's newest project: The Beauty Book. From Dianna Agron to Justin Bieber, Carey Mulligan to Chace Crawford, the pages of this graphic coffee table book are thick with prettily pictured celeb eye candy. What's more, all of the proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit brain cancer research, funding two organizations: SNOG (Sydney Neurology Oncology Group) and HEADRUSH. While we have yet to see what the rest of the shots look like, this behind-the-scenes video we stumbled upon from Demi's shoot has us salivating for more.

As if we needed another reason to simultaneously love and envy Demi, this particular look (one of at least three we saw her rocking at the shoot) is bubbling up a stew of conflicting emotions, chief of all, though, being straight up adoration. I meannnn, until now, if you wanted to you could argue that Demi's curtain of ombre waves was carrying her beauty look, but this image, with her mane (which BTW is newly RED) aaaaall tied up in a headkerchief, KO's that theory, closes its eyes, and lays it to rest on a grassy knoll. The dramatic Twiggy-esque eyeliner is rendered THAT MUCH more captivating by its positioning, sandwiched between strong sculpted brows and a nude matte lip that nearly blends into the rest of her face were it not for naturally blessed voluptuousness. Mmm...Demi, if you weren't so frickin' sweet as pie, promoting oncology research, being a good person and citizen and stuff, we just might hate you.

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