Lady Gaga's Top Fashion Moments At EMA 2011

Lady Gaga poses backstage with her awards for Best Video, Best Song, Best Female, and Biggest Fans during the 2011 MTV EMA on Nov. 6, 2011, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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Silvery space-age scales, maroon doilies, a giant accordion-style coffee filter, cylindrical face-covering hats, and undulating kale. THIS is what makes an awards appearance by Lady Gaga so special. SHE NEVER DISAPPOINTS! And her presence at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards (aka EMA) as both a performer and nominee (and multiple awards winner) was also another WIN for the Haus of Gaga style cannon. Mother Monster took home four awards, including—her personal fave—the Biggest Fans award. She was also, in our humble opinion, the best style slayer of the night, and her various looks all seemed to follow a similar theme, one we'd like to call FUTURISTIC ALIEN WARRIOR PRINCESS. With ALL outfits by Paco Rabanne, hats by the GENIUS Philip Treacy, with squadrons of dancers wearing Void Of Course (which you may remember from the dildo shoe incident of yore [THANK YOU, NICOLA FORMICHETTI FOR THE CREDITS!]), and that body-con, to-the-floor, silver scaled gown above topped with a multilayered side-pony and a gaggle of matching trophies? Well that's just the beginning, folks.

Lady Gaga performs onstage and receives the Best Female award during the 2011 MTV EMA in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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Lady G was all about shiny satellite dish hats that covered her face entirely. We're talking humongous cylinders that could do double duty as minimalist fruit bowls. They seemed to melt over her head before fanning out to cover her entire face and neck region, her eyes unseen behind two tiny slits. For her "Marry the Night" performance (which took place atop the surface of a moon), Mama M wore two layers of maroon pleated doilies that fanned out behind her iridescent blue hat and around her body like a scary yet really put together DILOPHOSAURUS. She wore a similar outfit to accept the Best Female first award, too, but it was a bigger, more fluid number that recalled both a stretched-out coffee filter as well as the Guggenheim Bilbao. This silver concoction swanned around her body like precious metal but actually floated on the breeze as she walked up to the stage, making us wonder what on earth this miraculous fabric was. The whole look was topped with a chrome hat, and from far away she resembled the inside of a anodized calla lily.

Lady Gaga receives the Best Video award and the Best Song award for "Born This Way" during the 2011 MTV EMA in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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Gaga changed up the style and shape of her next two award outfits, but held steadfast to the hats and shiny fabric. To accept the Best Video award, she actually EMERGED from behind her hat to reveal a mutant side bun all teased and twisted into overblown chignon perfection. Her tailored lady suit was very mother-of-the-bride gone Gaga in it's prim, covered-up tailoring, but with a neckline covered in sparkling grommets and an all-over lustrous teal effect that shimmered like the back of a fancy beetle. Her eyebrows were exaggerated and of the same greenish color while her cat eyes were drawn thickly in black and her lips were matte blue. To accept her Best Song award, our Lady was a greenmarket goddess in undulating layers of lacinato kale. She held on to her copper fruit bowl hat while waltzing up to the stage in truncated steps as the underskirts of her ensemble appeared constricting and Geisha-like. Even though her hat covered her face, you could not mistake her grateful sobs underneath. Yes, little monsters, Mama cried for us and for the success of "Born This Way", a song she feels most proud of.

Lady Gaga performs onstage during the 2011 MTV EMA in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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All in all, Lady Gaga BROUGHT IT. Like, for serious. She NEVER holds back and always gives us a character, something in your face—and in the flesh—yet also surreal and not of this world. This is what elevates what she does to ART, performance art, if you will, and in her "Marry the Night" performance during the EMA, she gyrated atop the makeshift moon (in a sort of hybrid Axl Rose ankle dance) before jumping off and out of her costume to reveal a long side-ponytail and retro martian bikini made of shiny, op-art red squares. She danced her heart out with her dance posse (jazz hands included) before throwing herself across the surface of her Gaga moon. Folks, she did as she said she would. She MARRIED the NIGHT (and made ours too).






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