Get Justin Bieber's Furry Trapper Hat For $30!


Justin Bieber shows off his cozy trapper hat and the ASOS Faux Fur and Fair Isle Trapper Hat.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram and ASOS

It's November, and it's cold. Not only do we have to start busting out our heavy winter jackets, but we have to *gasp* dig through our closets to find those old mangy gloves, hats, and scarves we wore to DEATH last winter. BUT there's a light at the end of that dark, cold closetsphere—new and CUTE accessories. And you know who really got us thinkin' about it? Of all people—Mr. Justin Bieber! YEAH. IT'S WEIRD. He Instagramed this 'dorbs pic of himself in a furry trapper hat, and we immediately thought, "We need that hat. Our boyfriend needs that hat. EVERYONE NEEDS THAT HAT." It might be the fact that he paired it with a plaid fuzzy collar coat that we ALSO kinda love or his lil' babyface expression that makes us want it real bad, but either way, we set out on a quest to find a similar hat...and we did!

You can cop a faux fur and fair isle trapper hat from ASOS for around $30! Since the Biebs' pic is in black and white we obvs can't tell what color scheme he's got going on here, but we like the bright blue, red, and orange pops of color in this snuggly little hat! Plus, our twisted braid ties are multicolored, which is kiindddaa super awesome compared to Justin Bieber's plain black ones. (Not like his isn't awesome.) So, YEAH! Stay warm AND super cute in this trapper hat inspired by Justin Bieber. (JB, this is your cue to buy Selena Gomez a matching hat and take cutesy pics together. Kthxbi.)

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