Steampunk Justin Bieber And 'Twilight' Wedding Cake Toppers Top Our Headlines Of The Week

Steampunk Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber in a leather robot arm gauntlet.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

Justin Bieber went through a shocking style transformation involving steampunk, and we now have Bieber ROBOT Fever. What on Earth (or otherwise) is this crazy robotic arm gauntlet thingie he's sporting in the upcoming "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" music video?

Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone looked like the perfect wedding cake toppers for a "Breaking Dawn" event in Italy. Even though they're not a real-life couple and play vamp-siblings in the Twi-movies, they would still look amazing atop a red velvet cake.

Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne battled it out for the best J.Lo costume on Halloween. Nicole was a tan, veloured, Jenny-from-the-block while Kelly went for American Idol era Jen. Both had the glitz and glam swagger going on, we still can't decide!

Kreayshawn wore a leopard face ski mask and also got her own video game. We thought about how cozy it would be to wear this leopard mask while simultaneously playing her video game. It's not as easy as it looks.

There was rather breaking news that Ryan Gosling may be designing his own leather jackets. How come NO ONE can tell us where to line up to get one?

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