Madonna Is Launching A New Perfume Called Truth Or Dare And It Will Smell Like A 'Narcotic Flower'

Madonna at the screening of "W.E." in London; a bottle of "Truth or Dare by Madonna."
Photo: WireImage

The Queen of Pop, aka Her MADGEsty, aka the top-selling female recording artist of ALL time, aka Madonna is launching a fragrance entitled Truth or Dare by Madonna, named for her life's ethos and her 1991 tour documentary of the same name. Bottled in a minimal white bottle with a gold cap and logo bearing an "M" and a cross (vintage Madge right there), the fragrance mixes wood and vanilla with a "narcotic floral" scent, which sounds both dangerous and sleep-inducing. Not to suggest a spritz of this will knock us out or anything, but, WAIT, what exactly does this mean?

Madonna told WWD, "I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well. Something honest, and yet daring, hence the name Truth or Dare." Ohhh, so this is more about being daring we thinks. Perhaps not as daring as Lady Gaga's rumored fragrance with top notes of blood and, um, other bodily fluids (ew) but we're not comparing here, merely trying to decipher what the scent will smell like. We're guessing that it will be upscale, classy, and powerful in keeping with the Material Girl's (Woman's?) current status as film director and clothing designer. She will be featured in all of the advertising campaigns, naturally, and they will be shot by Fabien Baron, who also shot her controversial Sex book, which was the height of daring back in the day. Truth or Dare will be available at Macy's in the $39 to $68 price range and will also include lotions and body gels. No word yet on if this intoxicating floral brew will lead to mild addiction or hallucinations of the Warren Beatty cartoon variety.

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