Selena Gomez Gets Fresh-Faced And Edgy For 'Interview' Magazine

Selena Gomez for "Interview" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Interview" magazine

In another showing of its markedly edgy style, Interview magazine done done it again with this incredible stripped photograph of teen queen Selena Gomez. No makeup, hair wet, and totally covered up, we're captivated by the cacophonic vulnerable yet stalwart vibes Miss Gomez is emitting in this black and white rectangle. Unlike most other teenybopper pop stars who hit that turn-of-age when they need to bare it all for a camera or a magazine, Sel's interpretation is much less literal, much more subtly striking—which one could argue is totally the girl's MO. She sneaks up on you. She may have only recently blown up, but Selena's been hard at work in "the biz" since she was a tot. But unlike many other stars who have gotten their start early, Gomez has maintained a squeaky clean image as a serious professional. It's her usually cheery demeanor, smiling eyes, and bubbly personality that can fool you, but here, Interview shows her gritty, raw, real, and fearless.

A departure from her go-to satin/glittery dresses, ethereal flowy tops, and other usual girly-poo fashion ephemera, Sel is styled for this shot in a BLACK lace Dolce & Gabbana dress with a custom made Levi's collar and matching cuffs (which, BTW, is a little DIY look you can totally replicate for yourself). This refreshingly "Downtown" style winks, a little, at Selena's rap alter ego, which she created for an EMA promo. Selena is hosting the 2011 EMAs this Sunday, and this new style option raises the stakes a bit in our mental predictions for what she'll wear. The possibilities are literally ENDLESS now!! She could be wearing ANYTHING. Except maybe a meat dress, but as her Bieber boyfriend sings, never say never.

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