Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, And Taylor Lautner Dress Up, Talk T-Shirts

Robert Pattinson, Kristn Stewart, and Taylor Lautner at "The Twilight Trio" Hand/Foorprint Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
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We're getting SO much closer! The release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 is mere WEEKS away (whew, taking deeeeep breaths), and the stars of the film are starting to ramp up their appearances in anticipation. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner all had their hands and feet immortalized for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the trio sat down for an interview with Josh Horowitz of MTV News to debut a new clip from the film as well as answer questions from the fans. We loved how relaxed and humorous they were, but do you know what we loved even more? Kristen's choice to wear SNEAKERS with her fancy dress. (She wore two different pairs too!) Also, the cast received T-shirts from Mr. Horowitz spelling out different messages, and Taylor's specifically was HILAR.

MTV News's Josh Horowitz interviews Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner.
Photo: MTV

Adorned in a nude Marios Schwab dress with a black Swarovski-netted overlay, Kristen tipped her look out with black and white Nike Cortez sneakers. (BOLD!) She wore TO DIE sky-high Brian Atwood heels earlier in the day as she, along with her costars, dipped her hands and feet into cement for her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We're assuming her tootsies were tired after those MEGA pumps (which were HAWT) because she ditched 'em for an entirely different pair of sneakers (better suited for cement-dipping), a classic pair of Vans checkerboard slip-ons lest you forget she's actually kind of a skater girl at heart (SK8 4EVA RAD). Oh, and her hair was a cascading waterfall of midnight.

Mr. Pattinson, looking EXTREMELY dapper (swooooon, even with his new facial hair which we're totally fine with now), wore a tailored to his BOD Giorgio Armani suit and patent oxfords that matched Kristen's hair. His hair was the exact cut we like on him, shortish and kind of messy-spiky. He smiled a lot too, which if you haven't noticed is a totally amazing smile full of bright white teeth (a lovely smile on a dude must always be mentioned). So, we should probably also mention that Taylor's smile was equally as transfixing, but you already knew the guy can shatter glass and cause babies to get lost in its gleaming perfection. Tay-Tay chose to adorn himself in relaxed cool, which included a black button-down shirt (untucked!), dark jeans, and properly scuffed up rocker boots. PERFECTION. DON'T CHANGE A THANG.

The trio discussed the new clip, which included the provenance of Bella's bridal hair clip (it belonged to Grandma Swan!) as well as shooting the love scene (Kristen lamented having to wear "granny panties"). The cast also received T-shirts from the MTV team, which said things like, "Mr. Cullen" and "Mrs. Cullen." Taylor's shirt, however, spelled out, in gigantic white letters, "BELLA DISSED ME," which he found as hilarious and AWESOME as we did.

Taylor Lautner checks out his "Bella Dissed Me" Shirt, a gift from MTV News.
Photo: MTV


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