Taylor Lautner Suits Up For 'Jay Leno'

Taylor Lautner on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Photo: Getty Images

As much unbridled joy as seeing Taylor Lautner bare his chest and rippling biceps and granite-hard abs and sinewy arms *achem* you know, be shirtless and stuff, we really do SO appreciate how well dude wears a suit. Sure, most celebs have stylists, and granted Tay's ensembles were probably handed to him for that Rat Pack-esque GQ Australia cover spread, but that shouldn't discount how chicly clean tailored lines complement Lautner's chiseled bone structure, as if the guy were reared from the womb in a pinstripe waistcoat. Taylor's comfortable confidence in suiting and the interesting pairings/colorways/cut choices he chooses to step out in keep our sights squarely focused on his every sartorial move. And in his appearance on last night's ep of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Taylor reveals he actually LIKES wearing them too! #dreamsdocometrue

Taylor is talk show-ready in a navy/charcoal pinstripe suit. The single-breasted jacket's skinny lapel broadens his slimmer post-Twilight frame, and his pants break at just the right point to give those chestnut lace-up dress boots the right kind of spotlight when he sits. The vaguely plum printed tie and cool gray button-up add more of that unmistakably interesting quality that is hallmark to Lautner's ensembles. Also, umm HAI, he looks adorably manly (which, yes, is a real thing that happens, see above) enough to bring home to Mama.

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