Lady Gaga Is Cover Mermaid For 'Visionaire' Record-Breaking Larger Than Life Issue

Lady Gaga on the cover of "Visionaire" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Visionaire"

Visionaire magazine has been creating a lot of buzz for itself with its game-changing "Larger Than Life" issue. Initially breaking the Guinness World Record as the largest magazine ever produced with its OG 36-by-49.48-inch dimensioned iteration of the periodical, it CRUSHED its own record with the release of a Deluxe edition measuring at a whopping 79-by-57.48 inches (that's almost 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide) and priced at a cool $1,500. And it's clear the mag has the right idea: If you're going to put out a glossy with the distinct aim of just being HUGE, it's almost mandatory that the biggest and brightest burning superstar of late, a title which is undeniably attributable to Lady Gaga, be your cover girl.

And then, of course, you can expect that Gaga, plus her genius creative team and the incomparable Inez & Vinoodh, will make sure you get exactly what you signed up for. This is not going to be some foggy-lensed glamour shot. The Haus of Gaga gives you the Mother Monster. As Yuyi, the mermaid alter ego. With a face full of gills, vibrant colored (vaguely patriotic) wind-swept hair, and an icy cold, piercing stare that sears straight through the camera lens, off the page, and into your occipital lobe. Duh-RENCHED to the clavicle in more than a few gallons of jet black oil. YES.

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