Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, And Tom Sturridge Love Facial Hair, Which Is Cool, It's Movember!

Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tom Sturridge sporting facial hair.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

Have you started noticing an uptick in the amount of facial hair on the streets? Is your bro, BF, or BFF suddenly sprouting a bit o' fuzz around the upper lip or chinicular region? While scouring gossip blogs for dudes to pin up in your locker have you come across faves like Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, or up-and-comer Tom Sturridge suddenly covered Sasquatch-style in beards or in Gangs of New York-esque MANstaches (which, we could also argue, are the status quo in Brooklyn)? Calm yourselves, because this is a good thing regardless of whether or not you agree that R-Pattz looks more Edwardian and less grungy with a close shave. All of this lumberjack-inspired facial fertilization is not just about fashion—in some cases it's the result of MOVEMBER, a movement created to raise awareness about men's health. So, yeah, you can stop whining about how weird it looks on normally hairless dudes or how it might feel rubbing up against your cheek (even imaginary-style, as in the case of Gyllenhaaaaal nom-nom-nom). It's time to embrace the 'stacheface. Did we mention that RYAN GOSLING is involved?

Movember is a global movement that not only encourages menfolk to shun shaving in order to get people talking about important issues like cancer prevention, it also celebrates the age-old tradition of male grooming. In celebration (and solidarity), people like Seth Rogen have made videos with messages like, "every time you shave, a mustache dies." There's also an event called the Moscars, which encourages people to make creative videos incorporating—you guessed it—facial hair. What's cool about the Moscars is that the videos will be judged by, ahem, the aforementioned RYAN GOSLING. No, I did not mistype that, and yes, this means if you make a video with your favorite guy (one who has chosen to join the cause and stop shaving), your work will get seen by THE GOS. Why not show your Mo Sista support by donning, perhaps, a wooden Tatty Devine moustache brooch or Black Moustache Ring too?

Wood Moustache Brooch and Moustache Ring from Tatty Devine.
Photo: Tatty Devine

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