Rupert Grint Makes Music Video Debut; Underscores Our Love Of Hoodies

Rupert Grint stars in a new music video for Ed Sheeran.
Photo: Getty Images

Can we just have Rupert Grint guest star in everything? With the Harry Potter movie series complete, we're searching DAILY for any excuse to see more of Harry's lovable right-hand-man in action. Sure, we had that bright spot when Rupert and Tom Felton posed for a few Band of Outsiders Polaroids, but our Rupe sightings have been few and far between since then. Thankfully, he's ponied up and plopped himself in front of a camera again to star in pal, Ed Sheeran's newest music video - and looking mighty casual-cute, we might add.

The short for Ed's latest single, "Lego House," follows Grint (posing as Sheeran, BTW) as he writes lyrics, traipses through empty landscapes, and sits alone in his room, lip-syncing to the song overhead. Watching grown up Ron Weasley appear to be crooning along with soft Savage Garden Redux-esque ballad is awesome, period, but being able to do so PLUS the added benefit of laying eyes on the BEST worn-in coral/salmon/Nantucket red print-lined hoodie is almost too good to be true.

We HAD to find out how to get our hands on it, and after a little search engine massaging, we landed on Polo Ralph Lauren's Weathered Beacon Full-Zip sweatshirt. Rupert wears it well, and I'm sure it would flatter more than a few other dude fash-plates, but the multi-colored Aztec/Navajo-inspired geometric print hood lining and the warm peachy hue make this look preeeeetty darn unisex if you ask us. Which is not a convoluted way of saying the sweatshirt looks girly because it does NOT (and bite your tongue for even THINKING we'd insinuate such a thing), but rather, a way of making a public disclaimer for a lazy day of wearing it in a roomy boyfriend size over a pair of faded grey skinnies and velvet laceless Keds that is very soon to come.

{via Jezebel}

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