Man, We Wish We Could Afford Alexa Chung's Kitty Flats

Alexa Chung at the Valentino Ready to Wear Spring 2012 show during Paris Fashion Week; Charlotte Olympia "Kitty" flats.
Photo: Getty Images

These super cute, embroidered velvet Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats are everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean in editorials or in street style photos atop the tootsies of many a fashionable CELEB. Even though these shoes look like they want to rub against ALL of our sweet lady feet, they're pretty much relegated to the elongated legs of the elite. Why? Because they're £485, dahhhhhling, and that's about $775 in current dollar conversion. I KNOW. Alexa Chung wears these gold-heeled kittens like a champ, and everyone else from Katy Perry to Sarah Jessica Parker has been swanning around the swankier urban streets looking all manner of PURRfect in them. Whatever can we do?

Well, for starters, we can get 10 extra jobs. (OK, maybe five). But in reality, we can perhaps purchase a pair of affordable flats and doodle our own cats upon them. Maybe a flat black shoe like these velvet slippers from ASOS embroidered by our own hand (it's worth a try). Or find a pair of leather ones and try the same thing using a white nail polish pen. You'll have to attach cat ears somehow or just draw them on for the same effect. THERE'S GOT TO BE A WAY. The utter adorbsness of these shoes truly has our whiskers in a snitch. And, OH WAIT. There are leopard ones, too? Meow, SCRATCH! Sigh.

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