Chloë Sevigny Is Terry Richardson On The Cover Of 'Candy' Magazine

Chloë Sevigny as Terry Richardson on the cover of "Candy" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Candy" magazine

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, that IS Chloë Sevigny dressed as Terry Richardson on the cover or Candy magazine. (But really, squint your eyes and look at that cover. It's TERRY. Yes, it clearly says CHLOË SEVIGNY in big, bold print but it's totally Terry!) Honestly, we did a double take when first spying the cover of the latest issue of Candy, the first transversal style magazine, because there's such a likeness there. We know Miss S is a talented, Oscar-nominated actress, but she's truly capturing an essence here. It's like she's channeling Terry through the thumbs or something...

And the eyeeees. Window to the soul, people! In this photo, Chloë's window is OPEN into Terry's photo studio loft where Beyoncé is crossing her eyes and pursing her lips. Aside from having an absolutely AWE-TASTIC photo, which is actually shot by Terry Richardson, the title on the cover is rendered beautifully—what with the curlicue Candy logo running perfectly through Chloë's Terry glasses and then framing everything all '80s style. DIGGING. IT. You might have noticed Candy before, as its last cover featured James Franco in drag. Created by Luis Venegas, who has worked with labels such as Mugler and Carolina Herrera, the magazine is a 400-page ode to cross-dressing, but it's also about culture, art, and fashion (naturally) and features work from some of the biggest names in the biz like photographers Bruce Weber and Ellen von Unwerth. Each issue is limited to 1,000 copies (the first two issues are already SOLD OUT), and from what we've seen in person, it's a beaut. To mirror Chloë/Terry (Terry/Chloë?), it's two thumbs UP!

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