Jessie J's Hair Is Long, Luxurious, And Multicolored!

Jessie J performs with multicolored streaks in her hair.
Photo: Getty Images

Always the style chameleon, we look forward to seeing how British songstress Jessie J will change up her look from appearance to appearance. Her hair, however, usually stays relatively similar. Sure, sometimes she'll throw her dark mane back into a slick ponytail, and she's been known to rock a bold hue in the past, but even then, it's usually in her signature razor straight bob with blunt bangs. That's why this new lengthier 'do with THREE (count 'em) different colored streaks throughout really made us sit up and pay attention. Granted, Jessie has told us before that girl wears a wig on the reg (and this might be another one of those such times), the choice and style are SO divergent from J's customary tonsorial silhouette and yet reminds us of something in a tip-of-the-tongue way that's hard to shake, so we can't help but take some special notice. Whether or not that means we just stared at these photos of her multihued mane is beside the point, but the extra attention we paid her blue, pink, and purple tendrils has sparked a realization.

Katy Perry at the 2010 Video Music Awards.
Photo: PictureGroup

Ahh, yes! Jessie J's new 'do TOTALLY reminds us of Katy Perry's "My Little Pony"-esque curly-Q look she sported at the 2010 VMAs! Undoubtedly different takes on the same idea—Jessie keeps her bangs and relegates the colored pieces to the under-half of her hair while Katy interperses the brightly hued locks (we'd guess they're extensions) throughout her dark hair like highlights. We appreciate Jessie's spin on the style and are REALLY glad she kept her killer bangs (umm, HELLO, they're one of the girl's beauty HALLMARKS). Well played, girl. Well played.

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