China Fashion Week Has The Most Craytastic Makeup And Styling Show EVER

A model poses for MGPIN Make-up Styling at China Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

It's China Fashion Week. Sadly, this particular runway realm does not receive the same theatrical fanfare that NY, London, Milan, and Paris illicit from the press, but we're here to tell you this has to change because ZOMG YOU GUYS, the makeup and styling SPECTACULAR that is happening in Bejing right now for the MGPIN make-up and styling show is cuckoo for CRAY CRAYNESS. There are no words. Just stop what you're reading right now. Stop and look at that photo above. Are you screaming in your head a little? Are you clutching your black pearls while yanking on your need-to-be-trimmed bangs while also rocking back and forth in a sensory overload style trance at the utter ZHAMAZINGNESS that is this insane creation above? *Just breeeeeathe.* We need to calm ourselves and explore this a little because A) we kind of don't understand what we're looking at, and B) PAGING Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Ke$ha this shizz is B-A-N-A-N-A-S and you best get ONZ it before everybody else does.

We're making ourselves hyperventilate with this manic typing, but seriously, this is some extraordinary makeup. It's kabuki meets goth Lolita meets macabre geisha meets techno Marie Antoinette. And, though it might not be everyone's taste, you can't deny that it's weirdly beautiful. The MGPIN make-up and styling show is hosted by a designer named Mao Geping, and he seems to be all about outdoing everyone else with the craziest of getups both in makeup and clothing. In this particular look, a heavily rouged eye (in red glitter) is lined in black then topped with sparkly doodads and black spikes. The red shadow dips below the eye into the cheeks for an ombre sort of effect, and the model's white face is offset by dark lips so as not to distract from the eyes. Her hair is a halo of Kool-Aid ringlets topped with a Black Swan-esque tiara and the outfit is an explosion of crows all over the dang place. We're starting to convulse again. LADY POP STARS, can someone please own this look soon? Thanks.

A closeup of an MGPIN Make-up Styling look at China Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

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