Nikki Reed, Nicole Scherzinger, And Snooki Wear Transitional Peep-Toe Heels

Nikki Reed, Nicole Scherzinger, and Snooki in their peep-toes.
Photo: Getty Images

Our West Coast ladies may not totally be able to feel us on this, but remember a few days ago when it was baaaarely Halloween and a badass Nor'easter came rolling through, dropping flash blizzards everywhere it touched? I'll preach here week after week about trying out new shoe silhouettes, heel heights and widths, etc., but the jarring truth, faithful readers, is that once sandal season hits, I cling to it for dear life, riding the wave for as long as possible without risking irreparable frostbite-induced nerve and tissue damage. Needless to say, my footwear decision-making process was thoroughly rocked come this weekend's snowfall, and the brute force with which Mother Nature took to making me pull on a pair of flat, knee-high boots was nothing short of unexpected; also, maddening. In retaliation, I made it my mission to wear nothing but toe-bearing shoes with unreasonable heels all week long. And judging from the peep-toe styles they've been sporting, perhaps Nikki Reed, Nicole Scherzinger, and Snooki feel the same way about staving off the podiatric shrouding that comes hand-in-hand with winter's chill.

Making the rounds at various international Twilight premieres, Nikki Reed stepped out on the red carpet promo circuit in a pair of black suede Casadei ankle boots WITH PEEP TOES. Probably more than just a petty vendetta against the elements, Nikki's boots effectively balance out her black embellished-yoke dress with three-quarter sleeves. In what could possibly be considered a big ol' flip of the bird to Mother Nature, the Pussycat Dolls frontwoman turned singing competition judge hit the London pavement this weekend in a pair of heelless Giuseppe Zanotti patterned peep-toe platforms (say that three times fast). It's Jersey Shore's Princess of Poughkeepsie, though, who dares to wear peep-toe sandals in the dead of October. Not just any sandals, mind you, but ones that bear such a striking resemblance, stir up in our cores SUCH a sneaking suspicion, that we're aaaaaalmost positive they're THE glittered Steve Madden heels that once bore her name (sort of) until the Internet blew up and reprimanded the footwear brand, forcing it to change the name to "Snobbie."


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