Kate Moss Has A New Fragrance For Teens Inspired By Her Daughter

Kate Moss photographed in London.
Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Supermodel, newlywed, muse, designer, and style slayer high priestess Kate Moss is also a dedicated perfumer. Her namesake line already has three signature scents, and she's ready to launch a fourth, Lilabelle, inspired by her daughter Lila and specifically marketed to teens and "women who want to remain young at heart." If there's one woman who captures youthful beauty (and the ability to party Great Gatsby-style well into her 30s), it's Miss Moss, er Mrs. Hince. If her lavish countryside, Vogue-covered wedding was any indication, the fashion icon is all about delicate femininity adorned in wildflowers and wispy lace, which we imagine is exactly what's bottled within the baroque confines of Lilabelle. According to Kate, she's capturing this scent just for us too. "It's my gift to every woman and girl who lives life to the fullest," she says. Um, lasso us with daisy chains and let us spin barefoot under a ribbon-strewn maypole while a band of gypsies in white velvet play a panpipe panoply of Primal Scream melodies—this parfum is EXACTLY what we need right now.

"It is a really soft and gentle scent yet also a bit daring," Kate says about the fragrance. "I created it for grown women who want to remain young at heart and teens who want glamour and sophistication." Lilabelle actually sounds like something we really want to wear. With base notes of sandalwood and a mélange of white lilies, jasmine, mandarin, and freesia, it's described as having a "soft, fruity, floriental" feel that is both delicate and elegant, like maybe the type of perfume you wear every day. It sounds dreamy and feminine like Kate herself, and makes us imagine ourselves wearing it with carefree hair, a touch of blush and gloss, and a flowing maxi dress topped with a hand-knit cardigan. While winter usually means heavier or darker scents, we're actually interested in embracing the light, floral essence of spring while we clomp around the gray streets in tights and galoshes. Like Kate says, it's all about feeling youthful and sophisticated regardless of your age or oppressively frigid surroundings.

Kate Moss' Lilabelle Fragrance

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