Justin Bieber's Shocking Style Transformation: More Metal, More Leather, More Steampunk?

Justin Bieber and leather robot arm gauntlet.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram/SkinzNhydez

It seems Justin Bieber is writing a new style chapter for himself. Gone (for now) are the days of flippy sandy brown locks and purple contrast-zipper hoodies, as Bieber ushered in a new era and look for his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night. Justin talked about his custom Batmobile, new Christmas album, working with the legendary Mariah Carey, and how proceeds from the aforementioned album will benefit the same food bank his mother sometimes visited before YouTube and Usher catapulted The Biebs to the mega-fame he is thankful for today.

Despite all the information we retained, what's sticking with us post-interview is this new Justin. Is it because of the newness we're feeling from finally getting to see his forehead? Could it be pangs of adorable head-tick withdrawal? Or perhaps we're hung up on his very "Ode to The Leatherman" ensemble, what with the eye-bugging combination of a leather button-up with lateral tuxedo pleats AND a leather skinny tie. Whatever it is or was, it conjured a Googling wormhole that led us straight to the Etsy listing and leather designer of Bieber's robot arm that entranced us just one week ago.

Justin Bieber goes H.A.M. in leather and steampunk.
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/SkinzNhydez

Handcrafted for Justin by Canadian leather magician Ian Finch-Field of SkinzNhydez, the arm is tricked out with eight ounces of veggie tanned leather, brass, rivets, studs, an LED light, and a vintage pocket watch (for practicality's sake). We chatted with Ian about the process, and according to THIS Leatherman, the pop superstar's stylists contacted him about using a piece for Justin's upcoming "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" music video. "I guess I have a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who passed my name on! It was very exciting!" Finch-Field gushed. After seeing a few of the ensembles Bieber would be wearing, he recommended the arm and was asked to ship one out to the team right away, meaning no fittings! Before a fit of Bieber Fever propels you to click "Add to cart," this isn't the OG steampunk gauntlet Justin rocks in his Instagram snaps but a custom-fit replica in a similar style, one of only TEN Ian will make. While that in itself is preeeeetty dadgum cool, the accessory (understandably) doesn't come cheap at just under $3,000. But maybe if you've been nice this year, Santa will put one under your tree. Or at least a framed version of the (photoshopped) Steampunk Bieber picture to the right.

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