Birthday Boy Penn Badgley Has Swoon-Worthy Street Style; Also, Great Hair

We celebrate Penn Badgeley's style in celebration of his 25th birthday.
Photo: Getty Images

Hellooooo, NURSE! We're sad that Gossip Girl skipped a week yesterday, but thanks to Penn Badgley's parents for doing the horizontal tango 25 years ago today, we're getting our GG fix by celebrating the birthday boy's impeccable street style on and off camera. Penn's Dan Humphrey is a character that makes the cold hearts we wear not on our sleeves but the bottom of our platform pumps actually feel feelings. You see, this well-developed character is a writer (ding!) who dresses well (ding ding!) and is played by an actor blessed with comparable off-screen style, cheekbones carved from a slab granite rock, and a full head of LUSCIOUS chestnut waves (dingdingdingdingding!).

On the set of Gossip Girl, Badgely is wardrobed in conservative-ish but well-tailored separates - a styling move that keeps in line with Lonely Boy's (comparatively) humble background and contrasts well with the flashy ensembles of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester's Serena and Blair respectively. In the wild, Penn's hipster lean flourishes. No stranger to a deep-vee, Penn flaunts his chest hair while mixing plaids, flannels, and textures (oh, HAI suede desert boots). Despite the intimidating scowl, he's also consequently breaking hearts, traipsing around NYC hand-in-hand with cool-girl girlfriend Zoe Kravitz. Remaining consistent across all channels, though, is Penn's delectable coiffure. Longer now than it has been in a while, the soft waves cascade across his crown gracefully toeing the delicate line between appropriately voluminous and clown wig in so much want-to-run-your-fingers-through-it splendor. We don't know what the Badgley genetics hold in store, but here's to (hopefull) 25 more years of great hair.

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