Pauly D, Vinny, And The Situation Dress Up For Halloween: Which Costume Was Best?

Pauly D, Vinny, and The Situation dressed up for Halloween.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

Halloween may be over and stores may have already started switching out the ghoulish black and orange in favor of wax cornucopias and bushels of tinsel, but that doesn't mean there isn't still a LOT of action to rehash from the night before while you rehabilitate from your scary movie marathon hangover and/or sugar coma. Chief among these obviously being the costumes of our Jersey Shore dudes, Pauly D, Vinny, and The Situation, proving that the Shore girls aren't the only ones to go all out for Halloween. Ranging from simple to balls-to-the-wall dedicated to eyebrow-raisingly classy, these boys did us proud last night with their excellent display of holiday spirit. Always ones to stir the pot, though, we want to make things a little more interesting by pitting their ensembles against one another.

Pauly kept things simple by donning an outfit he'd probably wear any time of the year and pairing it with a two-faced mask. We're definitely not ones to wag a finger at lazy Halloween costumes, so Pauly gets no points deducted for wanting to rock what he already had. In fact, while we could be mistaken, it looks like Pauly may have colored the non-skeleton side of his mask to match his exact golden brown shade of TANTANTAN, and for that, we AWARD points for attention to detail.

Our boy Vinny, however, is flooring us with this Zoolander costume. I meannnn, that wig, the bold foray into makeup, that EXPERT smizing "Blue Steel" he's shooting at the camera? How much more dedicated can you get? If only he had brought Ronnie along dressed as Mugatu... *sigh* #neversatisfied

When placed alongside Vinny's mind-bending Zoolander, Sitch's costume may seem a little commonplace but we're actually pleasantly surprised by the classiness of his ensemble. With the exception of those contrast rimmed aviators, the uniform is very An Officer and a Gentleman in an almost, dare I say it, swoon-worthy way. A picture doesn't change all the drama he cooked up this season, but it can make us forget and focus on

the new "well-tailored Mike" of late for at least a few seconds.

So how 'bout it? Which Jersey Shore dude do YOU think had the best Halloween costume?

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