Amanda Seyfried Wears An H&M Short Suit On The Red Carpet

Amanda Seyfried at the "In Time" premiere in London.
Photo: Getty Images

How many stylists are screaming in agony over Amanda Seyfried's daring choice to wear (GASP! CRASH NOISES! LIGHTNING BOLTS!) shorts for the red carpet premiere of her new film In Time co-starring Justin Timberlake? This is just not done, people. Do you have any idea what kind of phosphorescent curve ball this throws into the space-time continuum that is red carpet uniform dressing? Not only did Miss Seyfried—who we might add, looked lovely and lit from within—wear shorts, she wore a short SUIT, and not just any short suit, an electric blue H&M one with black piping and a black button-up shirt underneath. It was like she was giving the finger to cocktail dresses everywhere, especially the expensive ones. Also? She decided to up her rebel game by buttoning her shirt all the way up to her upper throat region as if to offset her super short shorts. But we're not complaining. Oh no, we're rejoicing because someone finally had the cajones to try something DIFFERENT.

Amanda's shiny suit is from H&M's Eco-conscious collection (SUCKER PUNCH), which we never would have guessed. Not that we don't think H&M makes high-end-looking garments, it's just that this suit looks like it was poached from a mythological shark that glows in the azure depths of the South Pacific. (Translation: it looks both designer and expensive.) Miss S was wise to keep her makeup simple (rosy cheeks always look lovely next to a bright blue), and it's nice to see big curls making a comeback, especially when straightened at the crown and hanging loose over the shoulders. As we pan down the outfit we come to her legs, which, let's be honest, look AMAZE. Clearly she works on these, and it shows. They're strong, not fake-bronzed, and the have just the right amount of shine. The whole look is tipped out in Sergio Rossi pumps, the kind of shoe every lady must have in her wardrobe as they're intended for skirts and dresses but also make suits look feminine and sophisticated. That's what this whole look IS, folks, it's chic and fun. It's age-appropriate and not screaming for (too much) attention with a plunging neckline or dramatic exposure. It's BOLD. And, frankly, sometimes that's a good thing.

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