Robyn Dishes On Platform Timbs, Koosh Ball Dresses, And 'Babysuits'

Robyn talks to MTV Style about her style on the road.
Photo: MTV

As you know, we're all bananas about Robyn and EXTRA stoked that the platinum-topped Swedish fashion plate is performing TONIGHT at MTV O Music Awards at 11:30 p.m. ET/ 8:30 PT at Honestly, it's kinda a relief since we've all been AGGRESSIVELY celebrating Halloween for three days now. Our pores have only just begun to normalize after being inundated with lead-based scary-face makeup and our hair follicles are mad at us and all we can think about is being ENTERTAINED by PROFESSIONALS like presenters Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Odd Future, and of course, our girl Robyn, from the comfort of our homes. We'll be treating her set like a metronome as we rhythmically stuff our pie-holes with ordered in Pad Thai. NOM.

In this interview with MTV Style, Robyn chats on a number of topics (on our sister site Buzzworthy she teaches you how to say, "I love you" in Swedish and Prince!!!) but mostly about the logistics of being on the road, what she HAS TO bring on tour, her platform Timbs, and her favorite designers. OBVI, J. Scott is mentioned.

"I work a lot with Jeremy Scott," says the platinum-topped artist. "He made an amazing dress for me for the last show that I did of this tour at the Hollywood Bowl. You know those slimy rubber balls that you can buy, you squeeze them and they pop out?”

[Off camera: "Koosh" ball.]

“A Koosh ball dress! That’s what he made for me. He cut them apart and put them on a dress because we talked about how I love fringe.” [editor's note: to Robyn's credit I tooootes had to look up the spelling of Koosh ball because I completely blanked on them, too].

She also rhapsodizes about her favorite custom-made Timberland platforms (AMAZING) and it's all freakin' adorable, which is the point when you'll take a proper gander at Robyn's BOSS earrings. THEN you'll notice that them earrings look sort of heavy, which is why she's hitched them onto the tops of her ears like ear bracelets instead of elongating her agonized piercings. So genius. You'll also fall into a little bit of an internet wormhole about Ana Hernandez, one of Robyn's favorites.

And to cap it all off, the impish artist talks at length about one of her tour must-haves, a thing she refers to as "an overall that is almost like a babysuit."

Get in it and DEFINITELY tune in tonight. The SECOND O Music Awards will be broadcast on MTV. Aaaaaaaand the rest of the event will unfold across Viacom Music Group's websites, including,,, and Boom.


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