Frances Bean Cobain Is (Apparently) Getting Married!

Ah, young love. Just as one celeb marriage burns out like a candle in the Santa Ana winds, another one dawns anew on the Hollywood horizon. The rest of the gossip-mongering world is currently a-titter about the recent demise of one such poisonous, no longer ivy-entwined partnership, while there is cause (and pause) for celebration at the revelation of a recent engagement. You guys, Frances Bean Cobain is (allegedly) GETTING MARRIED!!! Yes, it seems that our little girl is all growns-up and ready to walk barefoot down a petal-strewn patch of sunshine deep in the valleys of Topanga Canyon wearing vintage lace and smoky eyes with her purported "lucky man" and "best friend," Isaiah Silva! According to OC Weekly, the gentleman asking (not asking?) for the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's black-nailed hand is the singer of a band called The Rambles (whose most popular song on MySpace is "Little Sunshine" followed by "I Just Wanna Sleep With You"). He also appears to be an attractive indie dude with longish hair, a faint goatee, and a habit of being photographed showing a lot of man chest. We wonder A) if this is really true, and B) what Frances B.C. is going to wear on the big day...

If her recent photo shoot with designer/photographer extraordinaire Hedi Slimane is any indication, the young lady favors anything tattered, tatted-up, and black. We think she looks particularly goth-lovely in the photo above and wonder if she'll go untraditional with her dress. It's easy to imagine her in a daisy chain headband, summery vintage lace sundress—her blue eyes barely hidden behind a gauzy veil—but we have a feeling she'll choose something bold or maybe retro '30s style. We probably shouldn't be spending too much time daydreaming about it because this wedding is pure speculation and based on some screen shots on a Facebook page. Still, if it is true, we wish them both the best of wishes no matter what they wear (or don't wear, as in the case of Isaiah). CONGRATULATIONS!

{via OC Weekly}

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