Kreayshawn Wears Leopard Face Ski Mask; Gets Her Own Video Game

Kreayshawn poses in a leopard ski mask.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram

Good thing she has her trademark telephone push-button tatts visible, else we'd have a pretty hard time identifying this masked girl as Oakland's sweetheart Kreayshawn. Well, that is, if we didn't also take a closer look at those undeniable eyeliner skills. We're no strangers to the animal hat/SpiritHood trend, but this curveball leopard ski mask steeze is taking things to a new level of banonkers. Unlike the feline styles sported by the likes of Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Jared Leto that just sit like furry trapper hats that happen to have ears, Kreay's knit face warmer not only has ears, but it also covers eeeeeverything but her eyes, supplying her not only with warmth (something which would've come in handy during this weekend's bizarro flash blizzard/nor'easter) but also provides a little more visibility than Ke$ha's face-hugging spirit animal.

If you're a big Kreayshawn fan (or just think you have the sartorial cojones to match Baby Kreay), you can emulate your girl by also rocking a full-face animal ski mask like this panda from Urban Outfitters or this UO badger. Even better news: while your face is warm and fuzzy, you can ALSO play the brand new Kreayshawn flash game. Operating as a tiny 8-bit avatar - complete with Mickey Mouse ears and a hot pink bow - you can move from world to world, battling basic bishes, shooting fireballs that turn them into Louis handbags that you kick out of your way. You're welcome (because it's awesome), and we're sorry (because you're about to kiss all productivity today goodbye).

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