Snooki's New Red Hair And Our Halloween Costume Ideas Top Our Headlines Of The Week


Snooki with red tips on Oct. 22.
Photo: Getty Images

• Snooki's recent tonsorial alteration (dying her hair dark brown with red tips) really held your focus this week. The mane switch to a warmer hue fell right in line with the release of her new book and the first smack of autumn's chill.

• With Halloween only a weekend away, this week was all about those last-minute preparations and more ideas to jumpstart those creative juices. Favorites this week were our Katy Perry and Beyonce costume ideas and our affordable tip for replicating Nicki Minaj's infamous derriere.

• We learned that Jessie J douses herself in Britney Spears's 'Fantasy' perfume before every performance for good luck. We would say we wonder what Brit thinks about it, but since tweeted about it, we don't have to! (Spoiler alert: she's flattered, of course.)

• We showed you what Lady Gaga's Zombie Boy looks like without tattoos after he was covered head-to-toe in an expertly applied sheen of foundation. We're in shock, not just due to the new look but also because boy must have sat there for HOURS.

• Running circles around the women of the world, Beyonce released her "Party" music video and proved there's nothing you can do to fugify this bombshell. Not even a funny face and Terry Richardson glasses.

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