Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, And Kate Bosworth Clutch Onto Chanel At An Intimate Dinner

Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, and Kate Bosworth at the Chanel Boutique in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Getty Images

Every now and then, I like to dream about getting a phone call from my estranged Uncle Karl, who tells me that I'm invited to one of his Chanel boutiques where I get to, as he puts it, "Take whatever you want, darling. You need zee dresses, and zee shooooes, and zee CLUTCHES. Lots and lots of zees clutches!" Then I wake up to my cat sweater wardrobe and cotton tote bag life and sigh. My fash fantasy may be ridiculous and totally unreachable, but I refuse to throw eye daggers at the ladies who get to live zee real Chanel fantasy—young celebs like Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, and Kate Bosworth, who were some of the lucky few invited to an "intimate dinner" at the Chanel boutique in Los Angeles (still waiting for my invite). Not only were they kitted-out in the loveliest of interlocking C-adorned frocks, they carried the finest of shiny clutches to drool over the next time I take a daydream break at my desk.

Hailee wore a sweet and flowy gray striped dress with military-style buttons on the bodice, poet sleeves, and more of those AWESOME metallic cap-toe shoesies (ankle boots in this case) that she (and I) are so fond of. Props for keeping the eye bold, the hair simple, and the whole ensemb totally age-appropriate. OK, hi, Elle Fanning. Hi again, dear, sweet, can-do-no-fashion-wrong, PURRRRRFECT Elle Fanning. You're like a much taller, more elegant Alice in Wonderland who happens to have flawlessly fresh skin and an effervescent smile that can disarm the meanest of meanies and melt the blackest of hearts. You also look fantastic in black, especially with flowers cascading down the neck, shiny black platform heels, and a skinny black interlocking C's belt wrapped around that flouncy white skirt. It's like you're fresh from a tennis match and ready for a glass of sparkling apple juice. Game, set, MATCH, Elle Fanning. Well done. Kate Bosworth's sleek and chic noirish look pops with pulled-back hair, neutral makeup, and a bit of sparkle down the chest like a pseudo-necktie. And the wedge booties lined with a Chanel chain on the bottom? Um, YES PLEASE. As always, Kate slays it with sophisticated panache.

Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, and Kate Bosworth's clutches at the Chanel Intimate Dinner in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Getty Images

So, we've come to the clutches of my dreams. Even though Hailee's will probably only fit some errant cash, my one credit card, and possibly a lipstick or two, I'm loving this melted ink effect and circular shape. Kudos on the silver nails, too. Sigh, we've come to Elle Fanning again. Elle Fanning and her PRIMO lucite clutch and diamond bow ring. (It's like ice clutching ice!) Clearly, Elle's LIVING MY FANTASY COMPLETELY. I love both of these accessories, yes, but do you know what I love even more? Her bitten nails. This is REAL, y'all. I can hold on to this because it's normie and human and actually really sweet. Kate's nails are au naturel and the sequin Chanel mini clutch she's holding is that perfect blend of simplicity and sparkle. There seems to be some sort of ring band thingy on her, um, wedding finger, yes? Hmmm. Perhaps she's hiding her own bit of sparkle on the other side of that oh-so important digit?

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