Coco Rocha And Chewbacca Photoshopped Together On A Sweater, Plus More Sweaters We Wish Existed

Chewbacca and Coco Rocha on a sweater.
Photo: Courtesy of Coco Rocha

It's no secret that Coco Rocha is one of the funniest models in the biz, so naturally her Oh So Coco Tumblr and Instagram and general online presence are things we keep apprised of at all times because girl never disappoints. Take, for instance, Coco's latest tumbl: a sweater featuring a profile shot of her beautiful mug layered over none other than the infamously furry, non-English-speaking Chewbacca. You may be asking yourself, "Who would ever think to put Coco Rocha and Chewy together on a sweater, and more importantly, why?" If that's the case, we counter with a sharp, "WHY NOT?????" Listen up, guys. This sweater reaches an echelon of AMAZEBALLS so formidable that it will haunt my dreams and waking life for at least the next two weeks, as it should yours. Mere words and capital letters and uncorralled punctuation alone cannot express how viscerally I am coveting this article of clothing. And here is where things get even BETTER (if you can even believe that).

Mona Lisa Snooki, Nicki Minaj, French Fries, and Lady Gaga sweaters we need now.
Photo: Courtesy of Sexy Sweaters

The gears of this operation were ground to a screeching halt that could only be resurrected by tracking down this sweater and a means to purchase it. After countless hours of Googling, the mastermind that is Chrissy Mahlmeister unearthed the OG Wookiee knit and (catch your breath) an outright GANG of similarly "Sexy Sweaters" running the gamut from highbrow to childhood nostalgic to just plain nuts, all of which we needed to have. If by "need," you, of course, mean desperately pine for to the point of organ failure.

Here's where the bad news comes. The fact that there are no prices, no "Add to cart" in sight, is no accident. These are fictional sweaters. They exist only in our hearts and as hilarious online art, the product of gobs of creativity and some masterful Photoshopping abilities. The sweater blog is the brain-child of two unknown artists, Alec and Greta, and according to their FAQ page, they hope to start producing wearable physical sweaters at some point but have no specifics yet. Until they do, we've offered up our favorites (the Snooki Mona Lisa [duh], a blunt-banged Nicki Minaj, these delicious french fries, and a gorgeous black-and-white Lady Gaga crew neck we're literally weeping over) in hopes that maybe they'll hear our pleas.

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