Heidi Klum Gets Fitted In 'Visible Woman' And Ape Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum gets her Halloween costumes fitted.
Photo: WireImage

Supermodel Heidi Klum is notorious for pulling out all the stops for Halloween. Known for her cooky costumes and MAY-JOR parties, it's no surprise that the ever-dedicated Klum got fitted for her two All Hallows' Eve ensembles over a MONTH ago (while we, on the other hand, are still scrambling to put together the pieces of ours). Only just now, though, are we able to gaze upon the almost finished product. On the left Heidi looks straight out of the Bodies Exhibit in a full body catsuit costume she's dubbed "The Visible Woman." The hand-painted muscle striations are only half-finished here, and we can only IMAGINE the bananas makeup job that is sure to top off the look.

Klum also gives a sneak peek of her second Halloween outfit: a hairy gorilla suit, complete with fanged tooth caps. This look isn't complete yet either, but that large-eared skull cap promises another nearly unrecognizable makeup transformation. We can only hope that the dark manicure, thumb rings, and friendship bracelet arm party will also somehow remain incorporated. While, sure, we're kind of used to seeing Heidi looking out of this world, whether she's scantily clad walking the runway in her skivvies and ginormous wings or dressed to the nines looking positively unreal alongside her hubby Seal, it's still a (welcome) shock to see her get so into the holiday in such fantastic garb.

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