Jessie J Sprays Britney Spears' 'Fantasy' Perfume On Before Every Show

Jessie J Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume

Jessie J at the Q Awards on Oct. 24.
Photo: Getty Images

We know it sounds crazy, but pop singer Jessie J smells like Britney Spears. Nah, she's not having an identity crisis, she's just constantly spritzing herself in Brit Brit's Fantasy fragrance! The British singer told the Daily Mail that she's "obsessed" with Britney's perfume. "I bought it when I was writing the album so now I always wear it for good luck before every show." Awwww. We love to see those pop stars sharin' the love, and who knew Britney's scent was another mega-star's good luck charm?! Amazing. But how long can this go on, Miss J? You need to create your OWN signature scent so it can because some else's good luck charm. You know, like one of those Pay It Forward type deals. Also, you should just, um, create a scent because WE WOULD BUY IT. I mean, girl, we want to know what you'd smell like too. Just sayin'. Not like... in a creepy sniffing-your-clothes-while-you're-away-on-tour kind of way, but it's just that you have really good taste and we would trust it. So YEAH. Make that perfume! Until then, we'll keep buying Brit Brit's fragrance since it's the next best thang to you, Jessie. xoxo

{via Coco Perez}

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