Ashley Greene Covers Three Magazines In One Month

Ashley Greene covers "Flare," "BlackBook," and "Allure" all in one month.
Photo: Courtesy of "Flare"/"BlackBook"/"Allure"

Gracing the cover of one magazine is an accomplishment in and of itself. An achievement that deserves not only a pat on the back but also the presentation of a fabulous mahogany frame with your gorgeous mug housed inside. It's something Twilight actress Ashley Greene is no stranger to, having appeared on the covers of InStyle and Glamour before, but to front THREE glossies in one 30-day span is nothing short of a FEAT. Ashley, in all her striking beauty, is the latest cover girl for Flare, BlackBook, AND Allure. Seeing all three covers in a row, it's kind of AMAZING how both versatile and consistent this girl's look can be. Sounds like total incongruous drivel, I know, but stick with me.

On the front of Flare, as the cover line so aptly suggests, Ashley puts on her glamazon hat (not literally, though what would one look like??) with a sultry one-hand-behind-the-head pose. Rocking a fire engine red strapless dress and pout, her tousled waves slightly windswept against a backdrop of a far-reaching treeline, she's equal parts regal damsel in distress and knowing siren. As the face of BlackBook's "Drama Issue," Ashley is pictured wearing some sort of hybrid of an Elizabethan neck ruffle and a rack of copper filigree earrings. While the vestment may be a little confusing, Ashley sells it with a smoldering gaze, teased hair, and the most pristinely matte porcelain skin. Allure also chose to zoom in tight on Ashley's visage (and who wouldn't when your cover girl has prettily gamine features?), letting her lagoon blue eyes and an artfully natural girl-next-door makeup job ("pearly-soft makeup," if you will—oh, cover lines...) send the issues flying off the shelves.


Ashley Green for "Flare" Magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Flare"

Ashley Greene for "BlackBook" Magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "BlackBook"

Ashley Greene for "Allure."
Photo: Courtesy of "Allure"

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