Madonna Bustier Auctioned For $72,000

Madonna perfoming at Madison Square Garden on her "Who's That Girl" tour on July 13, 1987.
Photo: Getty Images

More often than not, the auction pieces that ring up the highest price are those once owned or used by someone no longer living. When that person is contemporary music history's Queen of Pop and the item in question is the iconic *achem* tasseled performance outfit from her Who's That Girl tour, well... needless to say, circumstances are different. Originally estimated to garner between $6,000 and $8,000, Madonna's gold-embellished bustier raked in a whopping $72,000.

Granted, it's not the $1.8 million Michael Jackson's "Thriller" jacket can boast nor the cool $5.6 million of Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch dress, but for the swag of a LIVING LEGEND, that's a pretty hefty price tag. Not to mention, this thing is not only infamous in its own right, but that pointy-silhouetted bodice is THE DIRECT ANCESTOR of Madge's unforgettable Blonde Ambition tour cone bra by Jean Paul Gaultier. Since Madonna's no stranger to the auction block, we can't wait to see how much the Queen of Reinvention's other legendary ensembles (say, that "Like A Virgin" wedding dress from the first ever VMAs?) will sell for in years to come.

{via Huffington Post}

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