Need More Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume Tips? Try Stuffing Diapers In Your Pants

Nicki Minaj butt

Nicki Minaj showing off her assets at the Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: PictureGroup

Last week we set you up with some KILLER ways to cop Nicki Minaj's signature style for Halloween, but let's be honest here, folks. We all know the most important part of ANY Nicki costume is dat butt. We suggested these fine derriere enhancers, but since they start at around $30, that can be a pretttyy expensive toosh commitment. Luckily, the NY Daily News spotted a Nicki Minaj costume tutorial video that suggests you *gasp* stuff diapers down your back side. A-HA! How did we not think of this before? YouTube gal Erika'Chalon describes her Barbz-out ensemble and says, "What's the secret? Diapers! Just stuff them in and use five. You can make it as big or as small as you want." So brilliant and soooo much cheaper. Let's give it up for Erika'Chalon, y'all. *slow clap*

If you jump to around the 12-minute mark of the video, she shows off her fake booty in ALL of its glory (um, it actually looks REALLY good), and after taking her advice, we think this variety pack of diapers might work best. You can try out different sizes to see which works best, and you can save them for, um, future butt-padding opportunities. But honestly, watch the whole vid for the entire makeup, hair, AND costume process. In short: Lots of bright neon eye shadow and lip color, colored weaves, bangs, and push-up bras. P.S.— Girl is ADORABLE. With looks as cute as this, it's no wonder it's one of the most-searched costumes on Google. We're not mad at that!

{via NY Daily News}