Is Leighton Meester Not Wearing Makeup?

Fresh-faced Leighton Meester attends a cocktail party at Roger Vivier.
Photo: Getty Images

It's not that we get tired of the girlish charm of candy-colored lipsticks or the hypnotic charcoal of a rich smoky eye, but sometimes it's just so refreshing to see someone (let alone a celeb attending a cocktail party) step out sans makeup. Color us hypocrites for applauding the acrobatics of an expert paint job and then turning right back around to sound trumpets at first sight of fresh face, but at MTV Style, we celebrate ALL beauty looks so long as they work! So used to seeing Leighton Meester beneath an artfully applied sheen of foundation, blush, eye shadow, whathaveyou, you'd think it would come as a shock to see the Gossip Girl star go bare. However, Leighton was so effectively styled everywhere else (well-coiffed and appropriately accessorized as to not compete with her all-over sequined ensemble), we almost missed it.

Sure, Leighton and her team of stylists could be pulling a fast one on us and this could just be a no-makeup makeup look à la poolside AnnaLynne McCord, but we're not so sure. With AnnaLynne, you could still tell she was wearing a little concealer, blush, and a natural looking lip color. Leighton, though, is very clearly not wearing more than a tinted moisturizer. Her cheeks have an uncompromised rosy sheen, freckles and beauty marks still intact. She looks legitimately straight from the shower with nothing but a swipe of her favorite Lipsmacker across her pout.

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