Selena Gomez Sports Latest Accessory—A Puppy!

Selena Gomez puppy

Selena Gomez with her puppy Baylor in Toronto on Oct. 25.
Photo: Splash News

In case you didn't hear the BREAKING NEWS this morning on MTV Buzzworthy, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber now share a puppy! *SQUEE* Not only is this the most adorable thing to happen to the internet/world, but we thiiinnnkkk we foresee some mega style moments a-happening here. Today Selena stepped out in a 'dorbs red and black zig-zag tweed peacoat with leather panel leggings, lace-up boots, and aviators. y'all notice something different about Selena? Like, isn't she missing something ALL fashion-y celebs have? HER STAPLE DESIGNER BAG. Most girls never leave home without one, and, you guys, she's swapped out D&G for a doggie. Huge. HUGE—especially considering JB dropped serious dollars on that MCM bowler bag for his lady. We'd be kindddaaa mad if our S.O. ditched our mega-expensive present for puppy, but awww, LOOK AT THAT LIL' FACE. You can't be too mad at that.

P.S. Selena, you can bust out those doggie Halloween costumes annnyyy day now. We'll just sit here. Waiting. In the dark. With the shades drawn.

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