James Franco Is Named Man Of The Decade By 'VMAN,' Looks Snazzy In Shirt And Tie

James Franco on the cover of the Winter 2011 issue of "VMAN."
Photo: Courtesy of VMAN

It's hard to believe we're already living in yet another new decade. What do we call this one? The Millennial teens (that would make a great band name) or the 20-teens? The latest issue of VMAN magazine has taken to calling it the "2010s," which has a certain ring to it; in fact, its winter edition is dubbed "The Decades Issue" and VMAN has selected mega Millennial man James Franco as its man of the decade. He seems to own the title already, staring out from the red-backed cover with a certain Adam's apple-style swagger (DELICIOUS). So, what's all this business about wanting to "break out" of the biz just when he seems to be owning it while sizzle-smizing in a bajillion magazine articles?

Let's talk about these photos first. Captain Franco looks particularly HANDSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL shot in beautiful black and white by photo wonder duo Inez and Vinoodh, who can do no wrong when it comes to capturing a subject's essence. We get a sense of contemplative pathos emanating from the polymathic actor/soap star/artist/writer/director/Oscar host/gym locker pinup, and we don't think we've ever really noticed how crisp and tailored a DSquared shirt and tie can be. Franco opens up to VMAN and says, "Outside of my role as an actor a different persona has been created—this is the public persona—which has been partly created by me and the career choices I've made, and partly by other entities: the press, the public, the internet."

So, does this mean that the person we get in photos and in interviews is not James at all but a "persona" that maybe we can start calling Jameson? Perhaps. He goes on to say that he wants to "break out," but means it more like he wants to explore the possibilities of what it means to be a creative artist (whew, he's still with us), and frankly, we think it's great that he's always willing to try something new. "I want to lose myself in something bigger," he adds, which we hope means a continual visual assault of the Franco variety, be it of the cerebral, unintelligible, or just plain weird variety, on constant loop in supermarkets, doctor's offices, or elevator banks (OR in the form of OTHER PARTS he's unafraid of sharing on various magazine covers, BUTT we digress). Basically, we'll buy anything he's peddling, especially that sleeping with cats calendar we keep dreaming about.

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