Was Tilda Swinton's Dress Formerly Andre Leon Talley's Met Gala Cape?

Tilda Swinton's dress looks like Andre Leon Talley's Met Gala cape.
Photo: WireImage

There are some things in life that you just can't un-see, no matter how hard you will your brain to try. A horrific accident. The accidental walking in on behind-closed-doors activities of any relative. The electric blue, nylon-looking, tent-like vestment worn by Andre Leon Talley to the 2011 Met Gala. These are things that will scorch a wound in your memory FOREVER. Naturally, when we saw the dress Tilda Swinton wore for the "Io Sono L'amore" (I Am Love) special screening in Tokyo yesterday, we couldn't help but be reminded of ALT's *achem* memorable ensemble. While these are certainly different articles of clothing, the volume, the blue, the rip-stop factor of the two are so remarkably similar, to the point where we are seriously entertaining thoughts that maybe Tildy's dress is the Urban Renewal reincarnation of Andre's self-described "80-meter-long French silk faille manteau de cour" which landed him on his own Met Gala Best Dressed List.

Think about it. A show-stopping garment such as this is not fodder for repeat-wear, so ALT must have sent it away to some happy second home. Then, a band of crafty clothing innovators got their hands on the the cape-kaftan hybrid, dyed it a slightly deeper shade of azul, and nimbly snipped and tucked and sewed it into a brand new frock (though still beating with the very same heart of the original bell-sleeved formal Snuggie). The rigid classicism, what with all the draping and the pleated cinched waist and the wide notched collar, OF COURSE appealed to Tilda (girl LOVES her tailoring), and because of all these happy coincidences, we are able to see the second iteration of this unforgettable article of clothing. Or at least that's what we wish had happened.

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