Are Elle Fanning And Emma Stone Wearing Grandma Dresses?

Elle Fanning and Emma Stone wear grandma dresses to the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala.
Photo: WireImage

Ask anyone remotely tuned into the young Hollywood fashion scene and they will agree that of aaaall the pretty little fawns of girls loping down the red carpet these days, Elle Fanning and Emma Stone are two of the brightest burning style stars of late. These girls exhibit the winning combination of not only being bold enough to dabble in all the latest trends from mixed prints to peplum skirts but also walking tall in their adventurous taste with their heart-stopping beauty game and porcelain features. However, the sartorial choices we saw from last night's 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala sort of leave us scratching our heads. Rather than looking the youthful glamazons we've grown so happily accustom to, Elle and Emma chose long-hemmed, crew-necked dresses that, while ethereal and feminine no doubt, look a little, well... grandma-ish.

The dresses themselves, Elle's Valentino and Emma's Jonathan Saunders respectively, really are beautiful in all their nude color palette, airy fabric, and winking back at the roaring '20s; we loved them as they floated down the Spring 2012 runways just one month ago. Something about pairing them with these young girls, though, just scrunches our foreheads. We understand that the Valentino dress was shown at Fashion Week with this on-trend braided updo, but paired with Elle's rosy cheeks and golden locks, this long-lined gown feels a little Kirsten: An American Girl to us. And with Emma, we just wish she had gone with either a conservative cut in a bright color or a pale color in an exciting, skin-baring/bodycon silhouette; the cream + below-the-knee action seems to age her a bit. Perhaps these looks could have benefited from a hairstyle with soft, flowing curls or the addition of a candy-colored clutch. Orrrr maybe the ticking of our own biological clocks and the fact that it is not WE who are young and in Hollywood is quickly turning us into harsh, judgemental old hags with beady eyes and pointed fingers, out for the blood of the fresh-faced and beautiful. What do you think?

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