Karl Lagerfeld And Florence Welch Team Up Again For Ultimate Musical-Muse Love Fest

Karl Lagerfeld and Florence Welch at the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring / Summer 2012 show at Paris Fashion Week.
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

The creative partnership between Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld (also known as my Uncle Karl) and balladeer beauty Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is reaching epic levels. Ever since Mr. Lagerfeld fell for the vintage-adorned songbird (seriously, she's a style slayer of the highest order), the two have been collab-ing all over the place from the pages of Vogue Japan to the Chanel spring 2012 show at Paris Fashion Week where Florence emerged like a mystical pearlescent mermaid out of a giant Chanel oyster shell to walk with the designer down the runway. Now, the two are at it again with the release of Flo's new single, "Shake It Out", which features a limited-edition vinyl cover shot by King Karl himself. All I can say is this continued musical-muse love fest is getting so good that it has me exploding into poetry.

The first in a series of singles from The Vinyl Factory (available in quantities of 500), "Shake It Out' will feature a screen-printed cover of Florence shot by Karl and a white vinyl album featuring the single as well as a remix by The Weeknd. The cover image (as well as many others shot by Karl) features a swan-like Welch wearing a Chanel lace dress, bronzed eyes, darkened cheekbones, and blood-red lips. She looks stunning, of course, and the photos seem to set the tone for the song, which is velvety and dramatic before exploding into melodic exuberance, kind of like Florence herself. What can we say? Anytime these two get together it's epic and POETIC. So poetic, in fact, that I had to (forgive me) write a poem...

He has white hair, she has red

He favors a ponytail, bangs crown her head

He works in fashion, but music's her game

Together they're a duo of stylish acclaim

He likes gloves, while she favors lace

Both can wear white all ovah the place

He is the king, while she is his muse

They're a fashion FORCE, these interlocking twos!

{via Telegraph}

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