Watch Zombie Boy Erase His Tattoos With Makeup

Zombie Boy Rick Genest gets his tattoos covered up by three makeup artists.
Photo: Courtesy of DermablendPro’s YouTube

So, we’ve ALWAYS wondered what Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way’ muse Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest looked like without tattoos. It’s hard to not wonder considering he’s completely covered in skeleton tats. I mean, we’ve peeked some un-tatted skin on his legs, and we even found an old pic of him pre-face tats, but IT’S NOT THE SAME. WE NEED THE FULL VISUAL. Lucky for us, our WILDEST dreams came true! The cover-up pros at Dermablend took on the incredible challenge of covering up all of Mr. Genest’s tattoos—and we mean ALL OF THEM. (You guys realize it’s completely shaded black around his eyes, right? OK, just checking.)

Zombie Boy Rick Genest before the makeup.
Photo: Courtesy of DermablendPro’s YouTube

So this is our good ol’ hot Zombie Boy pre-makeup. He’s got super dark tats around his nose, cheeks, eyes, and even his ears. So skeletal. So chic. WHAT WILL HE LOOK LIKE AS A NORM? We can’t wait to find out!

Zombie Boy Rick Genest partially covered.
Photo: Courtesy of DermablendPro’s YouTube

OMG. ALMOST THERE. Anticipation is building!

Zombie Boy Rick Genest with no tattoos.
Photo: Courtesy of DermablendPro’s YouTube

Zombie Boy has left the building, y’all. This is straight-up Ricki Genest without any tattoos, and we, um, can’t handle it. He’s still got that badass smize in full effect, and he completely melts our heart. If this stuff can cover up HIS tats, imagine what it can do to those undereye circles. Wheeewieee! If you can handle a WEE BIT more Rick cuteness, check out this behind-the-scenes video where he speaks French and smiles and is charming and does other cute Zombie Boy things. SIIGGHHH. What do you think—does he look better with our without tattoos?

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