Chloe Moretz And Hailee Steinfeld Display Their Fashionable Power Of Youth

Chloë Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld at "Variety'''s Power Of Youth event in Hollywood.
Photo: Getty Images

Young Hollywood knows exactly how to dress for the red carpet these days—especially with the help of stylists who are able to snag the latest looks from the runways. However, sometimes the youngest of these soon-to-be leading ladies end up looking a little too stylee-styled and wayyyyy older than their early teens. (We're talking red carpet disasters involving muumuu-ish gowns, ridiculous heels, or bouffant hairdos that look more ruh-roh than retro, especially on a 15-year-old.) Two gals who seem to be getting it right, though, are Chloë Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. Both rising screen stars have started making names for themselves within fashion circles, with Chloë rocking the pages of Harper's Bazaar and Hailee becoming the (sad) face of Miu Miu. Both actresses were honored at Variety's Power of Youth event—which celebrates young stars who dedicate themselves to humanitarian causes (nice one, ladies!)—and each one looked AH-MAZE in, get this, grown-up looks from both the runway and older lady brands. How did they pull it off?

The secret is all in the styling. Chloë, who devotes time to The Film Foundation, wore head-to-toe Kenzo fresh from the Spring 2012 runway. The brand was recently revamped and is designed by the über-hip folks who run Opening Ceremony, and while this acid-green jacquard sweater and multicolored raffia skirt combo looks like it could easily be at home in a downtown PR girl's wardrobe, we think it looks just as suitable on a 14-year-old, especially when kicked up with these sweet 'n' strappy bubblegum pink heels. Wearing natural hair and just a wisp of makeup also helps keep the look young and fresh.

Hailee was honored for her work with the Share Our Strength organization, which helps fight hunger. She wore a Chanel jacket (which even chic grannies love) paired with a white Jil Sander shirt, cute J Brand cutoff jean shorts, black knee-highs, and AWESOME steel-capped Chanel brogues. The overall look recalled the electric youth of Debbie Gibson circa "Lost in Your Eyes" (seriously, guys, you must watch this video for vintage style tips...we're pretty sure Demi Lovato copped her entire boho look from it). Hailee's outfit could have skewed MUCH older had she opted for a black skirt or pants instead of cutoffs, but HOLY MOLY, CUTOFFS ON THE RED CARPET!!!! How bold is that?! We also think the porkpie hat and knee-high socks were inspired choices that made the look new and now. All we have to say is, WELL DONE, KITTENS. Meows all around!

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