Happy Birthday, Drake! Let's Talk About That Shirt!


Drake arrives to celebrate his birthday in a sadface blouse at Tao on Oct. 22, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo: WireImage

Happy Birthday, Drake! You are 25 today. And super talented in many aspects. You are an actor! A recording artist! A proud Canadian! Nothing gives us more joy than when you and Nicki Minaj pretend to be married and desperately in love in that way that none of us will be surprised when you get secret-hitched next year but don't tell any of us until four years from now! We adore it all. There's really just one thing that even remotely rubs us the wrong way, not like, painful ointment-requiring chafing but just a wee, tiny, nagging rawness around the areolae that has to do with that *points* rather surprising garment draped over your arms and torso. Drake, pal, what's with the shirt?

Ooooooooooooooookay, so I get that this is Versace. And that, "Oh hay, birthday in Vegas when better than to Medusa head it u? etc., etc." and there IS something pleasantly mesmerizing about the design. It's apparently painted on and not embroidered as earlier suspected so that's fun, but between the arches, crowns, swirly plumage, ivy, olive branches, bordered cuffs, placket (though I do like the attention to detail with the hidden buttons), and the extraordinarily striking color scheme, we can't help but wish Drake had kept it simple. Less shiny. A nice, airy, single ply cashmere sweater would've been fantastic. Or if you were going for a full special-occasion wardrobe perhaps even a black with just a hint of gold (maybe just the tiniest jigger of ivory) in a VINTAGE Versace shirt would've been splendid. Regardless, we're not here to begrudge you the birthday outfit of your choosing! Well, except that we also maybe want to talk about those camel-colored lenses because --> :( and your eyes are so --> :) So yeah, MAZEL! Somethingsomething BARFDAY! YAY.

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