Beyonce Wears Terry Richardson Glasses, Still Looks Glamorous

Beyoncé as Terry Richardson.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry’s Diary

Looks like, after working together on this November’s Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot, Beyoncé and Terry Richardson have become fast friends. The well-known fashion photographer recently uploaded a few snaps of Bey to his personal blog, one being this hilarious cross-eyed funny face shot of her donning Terry’s signature specs. While a conservative minority may deem the aviator-style peepers “birth control glasses,” this picture of Ms. Carter-Knowles (as we sometimes refer to her while decoupaging endtables with her magazine spreads) proves that it’s downright near impossible to fugify this glamazon.

Terry Richardson and Beyoncé give the camera a thumbs-up.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry’s Diary

Bespectacled Beyoncé is still a bona fide bombshell (say that three times fast). From the tousled light-to-dark ombre tresses to her pristinely matte mom-to-be glow, Queen Bey’s beauty game is on LOCK, and her luscious nude pout and dark manicure scream so much unabashed autumnal reverence that even the most die-hard sun-worshippers among us are daydreaming of pumpkin carving and paper pilgrim hats. And as if her uncanny ability to render a goofy pic pin-up-worthy were not enough, she blows minds looking effortlessly drop dead in a halter-necked bodycon whilst WITH CHILD, a move that requires so much ladyswag cojones it makes our heads spin. *bows* Well played.

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