Robert Pattinson Debuts A Grungy Goatee At A 'Breaking Dawn--Part 1' Event In Paris

Robert Pattinson attends "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1" promo event in Paris, France.
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Before we get into the facial hair shenanigans of one Robert Pattinson, we'd just like to say, WHOA, did Parisians get a sneak peek of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 already??? The word PREMIERE has been bopping around the newswires in regards to a red carpet promo event that happened in Vive le France attended by Rob and his onscreen sister, Ashley Greene. But let your minds be at ease, Twi-hearts, because it WAS just a promo event and one of a series that will occur leading up to the premiere of the film (whew, we would NOT be able to handle it if the film had been seen by people other than US a month ahead of time). But still, what is this goatee situation, Robbie P? Is this weirdly disconnected mustache and mini-beard action the result of another movie role or are you trying to make a '90s grunge fashion statement?

OK, we know that Rob's a music fanatic but it's unconfirmed whether or not he's a Kurt Cobain fan (though there were rumors he was set to play the grunge legend a while back). This goatee has a serious Kurt vibe going on and is just plain ODD for the usually clean-shaven vamp-God. Now, we've seen some weird hair looks for our boy before. Remember his bizarre HALF-SHAVED head at Comic-Con? We'll take THAT over this Chia Pet convention sprouting haphazardly all over his chin region. It just doesn't seem to pair well with that slim-fitting Dolce & Gabbana suit. You can't tell from the pic above but boy-o didn't tie his laces for the red carpet either.

Um, WHAT'S THE HAPPS, R-PATTZ? Get it together, man! We're guessing this goatee (ugh, the word alone conjures up remembrances of gross nicknames like "soul patch" and "chin curtain" among others we'd rather not type), is a result of beard trimming gone awry. You see, when Rob arrived in Paris, he was having a major beard moment that seems to have morphed in the more succinct version above. Whose idea was it, though? Sigh, just make sure it's GONE in time for the real premiere, OK, RP? We need you as Edwardian as possible.

Actor Robert Pattinson arrives at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.
Photo: Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic

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