Selena Gomez Shows Off Wardrobe For Gangsta Rap EMA Promo [VIDEO]

Selena Gomez behind the scenes for her 2011 EMA promo.
Photo: MTV

Last week Selena Gomez released her first UH-MAZING 2011 EMA hosting promo in which she sings (and raps!) with her gangster alter ego. We could not get enough of Ms. Gomez and her new bad self, and luckily some extra behind-the-scenes footage landed right into our laps! *high five* Selena takes us backstage to show us how she picked out her outfit, what she likes most about her transformed look, and what she hopes she can bring to the 2011 EMA show! Let’s take a peek and the highlights (and watch both videos!) below.

SELENA ON CREATING HER ALTER EGO: “To be able to create this look is really fun. I’ve actually never had this much creative control over something like this. […] I chose it because I like to pretend that I’m ghetto sometimes. […] It is funny. Just the whole thing of it—me being sweet and the contrast of this is kind of different. It’s the first time for me to kind of let loose and be silly, and it’s kind of awesome.”

SELENA DESCRIBES HER NEW LOOK: “I actually got this [look] from all the boys that you see with all their underwear hanging out—always showing off their boxers. So I stole that from every guy that’s walking around. And then we just got an over-sized flannel, and it’s awesome. […] This is not making fun of anybody ’cause half of my family has these tattoos and look like this, so…”

SELENA ON WEARING HER ENSEMBLE: “I would wear this [plaid shirt] […] the tattoo around [the wrist] is something that nobody, even in fashion, would wear. I just know that I’ve never worn anything like that in showing my stomach. I’ve never been that exposed. […] This is my favorite, though—my hair and makeup. I’m not lying, I’d probably rock this hair and makeup, I don’t think I’d rock this outfit. But that’s why I think it’s funny.”

Selena Gomez behind the scenes for her 2011 EMA promo.
Photo: MTV


Selena Gomez Host Spot Behind the Scenes 1

Selena Gomez Host Spot Behind the Scenes 2

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