Barbie Gets Tattoos And Pink Bob, Looks Like She Shops At Abbey Dawn

Tattoo Barbie

Barbie with tattoos!
Photo: Courtesy of Tokidoki

Apparently moms and dads all over the interwebz are SO MAD at this new collectors item Barbie doll that sprouted up at the Tokidoki headquarters. The typically tattoo-free, blonde-haired Barbie has been transformed into a cotton candy pink bob, neck and arm tattoo, hot pink mini skirt wearing "harlot" (the parents' words, not ours), and some p's even said things like, "Encouraging children that tattoos are cool is wrong, wrong, wrong. Mattel why not put a cigarette and a beer bottle in her hand while you're at it!" Oh, YIPES. We kind of like her bob (it reminds us of Katy Perry!), and her cat eye is SUPER fierce. But... is no one noticing that outfit? Girl looks straight out of Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn catalog (do they even have a catalog? We digress.), and we think those tats would've looked KILLER with a mini leather jacket paired with a studded bucket bag, printed maxi, and some platform pumps. We do have to say, though, that we give Tokidoki MAJOR props for transforming the Barbie into something not so cookie-cutter. It's refreshing to see our in something other than long, cascading blonde hair and khaki cargo capris. *shiver* But, um, what's up with that cactus-dog-animal-thing? It's named "Bastardino," and we're scared.

{via Jezebel}

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