Why Are These Justin Bieber Black T-Shirt Twitpics And Instagrams For Sale?

We got these for $Free.
Photo: Gabe Saporta's Twitpic & Justin Bieber's Instagram

On the left you have a super-cute image of Justin Bieber and Cobra Starship frontman (and perennial sharp dresser [SIDEBAR: let us revisit his criminally beautiful suiting from this past VMAs because I saw it IRL and it was amazing]) Gabe Saporta, wherein the two handsome lads are preening for the camera in a black tee and wooly, graphic ski hat and a contrast placket chambray (potentially reversible) button-down shirt, respectively.

On the right, you have a moody shot of the Biebz, again clad in his signature black tee and jeans, and if you're in the business of feeding the internet, scouring the maddeningly expansive reaches of the information superhighway DAILY for fashnugs like Justin wearing a hat or Dolce & Gabbana glasses, you probably recognize these shots because they're from Gabe's Twitter and JB's Instagram feed. Which is why it's eyebrow-raising and oddball that they're for sale on SplashNews and cited as sourced from "Justin Bieber's private album in Argentina." WHUTT?

So while it does feel a little like we're dry snitching, please treat this more as a PSA (the middle shot is from this Twitter feed, as compared to this). We're always researching new celebrity shots and we loathe the thought of beliebers getting shortchanged. So be watchful (even if the eagle-eyed fans are usually really on the ball about this sort of thing...)! The end. That is officially our good deed of the day. Now we will eat something truly vile and fattening for dinner so as not to upset the universal balance from this uncharacteristic outpouring of generosity. Consider this whistle (that very few people in the grand scheme of things may care about) BLOWN!

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