Rihanna's New 'Rebelle' Perfume Is For Strong Ladies

Rihanna is seen leaving her hotel to go to Avenue restaurant near Champs Elysees Avenue, Paris.
Photo: KCSPresse/Splash News

Celebrity perfume is a booming business. It seems like everyone has a signature scent (or two or three), and we think there's nothing wrong with that. But do you ever wonder if celebs smell like their own fragrances? Like, do they really wear them day-to-day? If there's one pop star perfumer we'd guess actually does, it would have to be Rihanna. She launched her first scent, Reb'l Fleur ("rebel flower" if we're gonna get technical), earlier this year with the tag lines, "Good feels so bad," and "Bad feels so good." The website for the fragrance features a Rihanna dressed in black and one dressed in white seemingly caught between two sides of a mirror. (The REBEL is bad, the FLOWER is good. It's an epic, feather-headed battle for her SOUL!) This whole notion of good girl vs. bad seems very Ri Ri 2011. Not only has she tackled her fair share of gossip drama with grace, she's released some, shall we say, controversial music videos showcasing her edgier side. Her latest fragrance, Rebelle, is all "about taking control and still being a lady." Hmm, have the rebel and the fleur perhaps merged into one sweet yet spicy liquor of loveliness?

Rihanna says, "There's a feminine, romantic element to the fragrance, but there's also a defiant quality in it. I love its duality." So, it sounds to us like this new fragrance is both soft and hard, good and bad. (Is there an echo in here?) Perhaps tough on the outside but tender on the inside, like a floral blouse under a leather jacket. Are we getting this right, Ri? The Rebelle bottle is apparently inspired by a stiletto heel but also has a "twisting ribbon design." Although we haven't seen what it looks like yet, we'd guess it's similar to the slender, minimal design of Reb'l Fleur (which is available at Macy's) but maybe more a mixture of the lady and the vixen, the Rebelle if you will. Is it just us or did Rihanna invent a whole new world to describe a whole new lady?

{via Just Jared}

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