Rain's Sportswear Spread For '1st Look' Is Crucial

Rain on the cover and inside the Oct. 20, 2011, issue of "1st Look."
Photo: Courtesy of "1st Look."

Oooooooobbbaaaaaaaaaah! OK, for all y'all who don't know, that's the term in Korean for "brother," and it's often shrieked in cochlea-shattering decibels by ladyfans of K-pop singers like our guy Rain, who we would all obviously SCREEEEEAM for on sight because he's now in the military and we can't see him anymore. Hence this coverline on 1st Look Magazine, Vol. 7. saying "Good-bye" that makes us desperately sad. BUT then we go in-book and peep that not only is this Rain sportswear story filled to the gills with Jeremy Scott, but there's even a shot of the SoKo pop megastar in a hoodie WITH EARS. Waaaaah soooo kawaiiiiiiiii. Even if that term is Japanese...

Rain in the Oct. 20, 2011, issue of "1st Look."
Photo: Courtesy of "1st Look."

No, seriously, what is it about guys in jiggy sportswear (like, $100+ sweatpants) that sends me in an absolute whirlygig of a tizzy? Especially when paired with shiny bubble gooses with a slight Chevron angle at the torso? Definitely go in and check out the entire spread because you get to see Rain in full gunshow mode, lifting weights and wearing an immodest, gob-smacking array of the finest jersey and ripstop nylon duds in all the land. Oh, and he's also wearing fingerless gloves, which has to be the calling card for all ultra-attractive dude-dimes for fall or something because we are seeing that ish EVERYWHERE. Breaking news! Toldya this post was REALLY important. Drop everything else. You will not be disappointed.

{via 1st Look}

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