Halloween 2011: Katy Perry Costume Ideas!

The week of All Hallow's Eve is upon us! Only a few more days remain for you to secure your Halloween costume, and as the big night approaches, we're offering up some fool-proof outfit ideas that will have you turning heads (and we do mean a full Exorcist-style 360; it is Halloween after all). While she may have opted for normal human clothes while concentrating on a full-blown skeleton face for her own costume, Katy Perry's day-to-day style is a veritable hotbed of Halloween inspiration. With an the armful of music video releases and her status as a dress-up mastermind, it wasn't hard to pinpoint a few show-stopping (AND easily replicable) KP looks.

1. GLAM T.G.I.F.

Katy Perry as Kathy Beth Terry in 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).'
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

Katy's charmingly awkward alter ego Kathy Beth Terry gets a glam '80s-tastic makeover in her 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)' music video, and we found all the tools you'll need to achieve one of your own. Slip into a whole lot of neon in this magenta crop top and lime green skirt (or this one), right down to the mis-matched patent pumps (don't worry, the heels are the same height, so you won't be wobbly!). Swipe on some colorful frosted makeup, envelope your teased up crimpy 'do in a cloud of Aqua Net (for authenticity), and don't forget your party cup!

+ Shirt: Baby Rib Crop T in Heather Deep Pink ($20)

+ Skirt: Herve Leger Light Green Skirt ($100)

+ Belt: Lime Green Faux Leather Wide Sash Belt ($3.29)

+ Bracelets: Neon 80s Style Deluxe Bangle Bracelets ($7.99)

+ Earrings: 80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set ($7.97)

+ Shoes: Yellow Patent Pointy Toe Pumps ($20.95) and Neon Pink Patent Wild DNA Pointy Toe Pumps ($25.70)

+ Party Cup: Orange 16 oz Plastic Cup ($4.99 pkg/20)

+ Eyeshadow: Sephora Collection Colorful Palette in Island Oasis ($24)

+ Eyeliner: ULTA Kohl Eye Liner Pencil in Indigo ($3)

+ Hairspray: Aqua Net Professional Hair Spray ($3.49)

+ Lipstick: CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Iced Mauve ($11.74)



Katy Perry accepts the Video Of The Year award onstage during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards on August 28, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Getty Images

Assuming you're not down to drop coin on the real deal Christian Dior Fall 2011 couture yellow block hat look that Katy wore to this year's VMAs, we rounded up everything you need to roll up your DIY sleeves and recreate the look. Start with a light pink boatneck top and a black bell mini as your canvas. On the top, secure a large green felt triangle and smaller yellow circle to the front of the shirt in the style of Katy's cropped jacket. Cut up these white felt squares into triangles and varied quadrilaterals and cut, sew, or pin onto the skirt for the shattered look of the Dior original. While you're at the craft store, pick up a styrafoam topiary cube, cover it in yellow felt, and fasten the covered cube to a headband. Wear with a bright pink bobbed wig, colorful platform wedges, and you're good to go!

+ Shirt: Bella Ladies Gwen 1/2-Sleeve Boatneck T-Shirt in Light Pink ($7.99)

+ Skirt: ASOS Bell Mini Skirt in Black ($62.90)

+ Fabric Paint: Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Glacier White ($5.37)

+ Shoes: Steve Madden WIMZIKUL Heels in Purple Multi ($109.95)

+ Wig: Short Pink Curled Wig ($31)

+ Felt: White Felt Squares ($7.55) - Cut into triangles and sew, glue or pin to skirt

+ Felt: Yellow Acrylic Felt ($6.75) - Use both for the yellow circle and to cover the styrofoam cube

+ Felt: Apple Green Felt Fabric ($5.70) - Use for the green triangle

+ Cube: 4x4x4 Styrofoam Block ($7.43)

+ Headband: Caravan Wide Headband Covered With Black Net Fabric ($8) - Glue covered cube to the headband



Katy Perry in 'E.T.'
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

Feeling ambitious? Try your hand at replicating this alien look from Katy's 'E.T.' music video. You'll need a full-body unitard in whatever color matches your skintone best; several feet of black ribbon; a head full of braids, wires and red hair extensions; a steady hand and a LOT of patience. Sew or glue the ribbon into alien patterns onto the unitard to match Katy's, swaddle yourself in red sheer scarfing to mimic the alien vestment. Feed wire through the braided wig and red hair extensions to stiffen the locks for Katy's cage-like webbed 'do. Channel your inner Kabuki and finish the look off with a bar of thick red pigment across the eyes and intricate blue patterns drawn in eye pencil on your cheeks and chin and HIT. THE. TOWN.

+ Wig: Braided Tennis Player by Lacey Costume Wigs ($25.95)

+ Hair Extensions: Red Hair Extensions ($2.45) - Grab a few red hair extensions to weave between the lifted braided strands and your crown for some added alien color and effect

+ Bodysuit: American Apparel Unitard ($38)

+ Ribbon: 1" Double Face Satin Ribbon in Black ($4.99)

+ Scarves: Luxury Divas Burgundy Long Sheer Elegant Chiffon Scarf Wrap ($10.49)

+ Face Paint: Snazaroo Face Paint in Bright Red ($11.42)

+ Face Paint: White Cream Makeup ($1.99) - For that pale space tinge

+ Eyeliner: ULTA Kohl Eye Liner Pencil in Indigo ($3)



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